From Information to Knowledge
Using Astronomical Databases

A Workshop, Strasbourg Observatory
Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 June 1999

Workshop Times:
14:00, Wednesday 23 June, to 12:30, Friday 25 June

Final Programme

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About the Workshop

Quite a range of innovative activities are being pursured in relation to knowledge extraction from stored astronomical data, so it is a particularly good time to draw provisional conclusions, and to chart our course for the future. Astronomical data stores offer a particularly good basis for knowledge discovery. "It is the destiny of astronomy to become the first all-digital science", as Larry Smarr is quoted as saying in the frontspiece of Intelligent Information Retrieval: The Case of Astronomy and Related Space Sciences, A. Heck and F. Murtagh, Eds., Kluwer, 1993. The depth and expanse of online data in astronomy has been surveyed in two volumes by D. Egret and M.A. Albrecht, the more recent of which is Information and On-Line Data in Astronomy, Kluwer 1995. The European Science Foundation network on Converging Computing Methodologies in Astronomy ended at the beginning of 1998, and this workshop can be seen as a late progeny. With new initiatives in the air, and the start of the Fifth Framework, it is a good time to take stock of our achievements, and to judiciously plan for the near future.


The Round Table was led by Marc Wenger, Strasbourg Observatory (and virtually by Rudi Albrecht, Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility) and aimed at providing recommendations to all providers of large databases and archives in astronomy: how can the providers of information and data in astronomy best help serendipitous discovery of information and knowledge?

Venue and Proceedings

This topical workshop took place at Strasbourg Observatory. Paper from the workshop will be refereed for a special issue of Computer Physics Communciations.

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Organizing Committee


A Proceedings Volume is planned, as a special issue of Computer Physics Communications. Papers to be considered for this volume must be available at the time of the Workshop. All papers will be refereed. The volume will be edited by Fionn Murtagh and Daniel Egret.

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