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Working Groups

iAstro has a number of working groups researching the following areas:
  • WG1
    - Interoperability, data correlation and federation (D Egret)
    - Interoperability (D Egret)
    - Data quality/correlation/fusion (V Di Gesu)
  • WG2
    - Visualization (G Allen)
    - Advanced visual user interfaces for data mining (V Di Gesu)
  • WG3
    - Heterogeneous, multimedia data (R Molina)
    - Image/signal restoration (R Molina)
    - Data mining (V Di Gesu)
  • WG4
    - Surveys (J Nunez, G Longo and M Tsvetkov)
    - Wide field imaging (G Longo, M Tsvetkov)
    - Robotic observatories (J Nunez)