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Subject: SETI News: Discovery out of this world

Halfway through our second year of operation, SETI@home has processed
over 7000 hours of digitally-recorded signals from the Arecibo radio
telescope, using the power of millions of Internet-connected computers.
As this processing continues, SETI@home's own computers are
doing the next phase, in which we separate man-made radio signals from
those originating outside our solar system.  Our goal is to detect
signals from other civilizations.

By using the Internet to form the world's most powerful computer,
SETI@home has inspired other scientific computing projects,
and is often credited (along with Napster) with defining a
new generation of computer system design, called "peer-to-peer".

New major new version of SETI screensaver program was recently
released.  The new version does much better signal analysis; it looks
for two new types of signals (pulses and triplets) and it covers a
wider range of drift rates.  As a result, it takes more time to
process each work unit.

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