Jonathan G Campbell

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Web links on various professional interests: pattern recognition; image processing; computer science; programming; my teaching activities; plus other interests -- athletics, etc.


St. Johnston.
St. Johnston Cricket Club.
Senior 2 Winners
St. Johnston North-West Senior 2 League Winners 2009
St. Johnston - old web page.
William Rowan Hamilton (1805--1869).
Eon O'Mongain's Retirement Symposium, UCD Physics Department, 2009-12-02.
Finn Valley Athletics Club.
MBS Class of 1967.
Family Pictures 2005.
Magee College Class of 1994 Reunion 2008-01-19.


Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Group.

Curriculum vitae in PDF. Includes publications.

Teaching links

Higher Diploma in Computing, Computer Systems.

Introduction to Probability and Statistics.

Introduction to Research Methods.

BSc 3 Games Team Project.

BSc in Computer Games Programming, Games Programming 1.

BSc in Games Programming, Computer Graphics for Games 1.

BSc in Games Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures for Games Programming.

Software Development using Java (IT Support Year 3)..

C++ for Java Programmers.

BSc in Games Programming, Computer Graphics for Games 2.

Image processing. Notes on image processing. Also links to image processing and pattern recognition software (DataLab).

BSc Applied Computing final year projects.

Computer architecture and operating systems. Introductory course based mainly on Andrew Tanenbaum's books.

Teaching programming. Links on how to teach programming; see also older links.

LyIT Conferring 2005.

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