William Rowan Hamilton (1805---1865)

These are some pictures related to Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805--65), Irish mathematician, astronomer, and physicist; discoverer of quaternions.

Hamilton discovered the fundamental formula for quaternion multiplication on 16th October 1843 while walking along the Royal Canal from his place of work at Dunsink Observatory to a meeting in Dublin; he is reputed to have scribbled the formula on a stone on Broombridge (Brougham Bridge ?) which crosses the Royal canal in the Cabra/Finglas area in the north-west of Dublin.

Quaternion plaque on Broombridge.

The Royal Canal
stretching west from Broombridge.


Dunsink Observatory.

Physics Department
of Trinity College Dublin, where Hamilton was elected to a chair while still an undergraduate; the plaque on the left is to Ernest Walton, Nobel Laureate and long time Professor of Physics at TCD.

36 Dominick Street Dublin
, where Hamilton was born. But now redeveloped.

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