Jonathan G Campbell Image Processing Notes and Software.

These are some old (last changed 1995) notes (plain text) on image processing.

In 1998 Fionn Murtagh converted the notes to LaTeX and added some material. That version is at ip0.pdf.

I have software corresponding to much of the notes -- the course was accompanied by practicals based on that software. If you think that this software would be of any use to you, see 'Software, DataLab' below. The latest version is DataLab-JN (in Java). There is a C version (DataLab-32), which is more extensive but more crudely designed.

Here is a recently created summary of some pattern recognition stuff (linear discriminants, Fisher LDA, PCA, linear discriminant view of neural networks, etc. at pr.pdf (PDF).

I'm currently developing a course on statistics for scientists and engineers; very much work-in-progress at present. See stats.pdf.

Software, DataLab

DataLab. DataLab, the original project (written in C):

Only the source files and documentation are mentioned there. For more complete downloads (full tar files), see below.

DataLab-J (Java). A more recent project. DataLab-J.

For downloading of complete tar files, see downloads.

DataLab-JN (Java).

An even more recent project, DataLab-JN.

For downloading of complete tar files, see downloads.

Software Downloads.

What I think are complete versions of the projects are available to download.


As I noted elsewhere, I now find myself using R; and Octave. Maybe even MATLAB. Perhaps my future efforts would be better spent on integrating DataLab-JN with R?

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