Jonathan G Campbell

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Dublin, Trinity College.

Since 1973, I have worked in the fields of signal processing, image processing, and pattern recognition, mathematical modelling and simulation, and development of software for avionics/aerospace applications.

I am a Lecturer in Computing at Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

My previous affiliations were with: Digital Equipment Corporation - the Galway, Ireland manufacturing plant (PDP-11/40 in my time!); Plessey Electronic Systems Research (U.K.) - now Roke Manor Research, An Foras Forbartha (Dublin); and CAPTEC - Computer Applied Techniques Ltd. (Dublin); Faculty of Informatics University of Ulster, Magee College; and The Queen's University of Belfast School of Computer Science.

At CAPTEC I did a lot of consultancy work for ESA/ESTEC, particularly sensor calibration work for the HIPPARCOS space astrometry satellite, and development of attitude-and-orbit control software for ISO - Infra-red Space Observatory - satellite; also some remote sensing research for ESA. We collaborated a lot with the Experimental Physics Department of University College, Dublin.

A picture of CAPTEC, ca. 1985

I have taught a variety of computing courses: games programming, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, algorithms and data structures, general programming, comparative programming languages, signal and image processing, interactive programming, human-computer-interaction, systems analysis, and business applications of computing. Plenty of details accessible via my home page

My professional interests are signal and image processing, pattern recognition, remote sensing, neural networks, and software engineering. Details accessible via my home page

I am (was?) a long distance runner and compete for Finn Valley AC; marathon pb. 2:31.

Proud Moments

Winning the Donegal Masters Cross-Country in 1991 on my 42nd birthday.

Mick Jennings in pursuit.

Finn Valley team.

The Donegal championships were held three weeks I came third in the Masters of the Dublin City Marathon (2:31), behind the great Neil Cusack (2:28) and Tom Price of Belfast (2:30). Normally, I'd not have faced a race for three months after a marathon, but when you are in good shape, anything is possible! I was not confident and so I decided to jump the field, and since I had beaten everyone in the race that summer, nobody called my bluff.

With John Mc Carthy on Grianan of Aileach September 1997.

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