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Senior 2 Winners
Senior 2 League Winners 2009
Faughan Valley Cup Winners
Faughan Valley Cup Winners 20th July 2008
Mid-Week Cup Winners
Mid-Week Cup Winners 24th July 2008
Under 12 2009
Under 12 Team 18th August 2009

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2009 Season

St. Johnston vs. Burndennett, Burndennett, 5th September 2009. St. Johnston win Senior 2 Title.

St. Johnston vs. Bond's Glen, Samuel Jeffrey Cup Final, Eglinton, 22 August 2009.

St. Johnston Under 12 vs. Bready, Boathole, 18 August 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Derriaghy, Ulster Shield Quarter-Finals, Boathole, 26 July 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Ardmore, Senior 2, Bleach Green, 2009-07-25. A stunning and comprehensive four-pointer win for St. Johnston to take them four points ahead of Ardmore and to install them as firm favourites for the 2009 Senior 2 title.

St. Johnston vs. Killyclooney, Samuel Jeffrey Cup Semi-Final, Killyclooney, 18 July 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Killyclooney, N.W. League Senior 2, Boathole, 11 July 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Drummond, Samuel Jeffrey Cup Round 1, Boathole, 13 June 2009.

Limavady vs. St. Johnston, Northern Bank Senior Cup Round 2, John Hunter Memorial Grounds, 6 June 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Bond's Glen, Northern Bank Senior Cup Round 1, Bond's Glen, 30 May 2009.

St. Johnston vs. Ardmore, Senior 2, Boathole, 2009-05-02. A comprehensive win over the pre-season favourites for Senior 2 to start the 2009 league campaign for St. Johnston.

2008 Season

Samuel Jeffrey Cup Final versus North Fermanagh, Eglinton, 2008-08-23 and a third cup win of 2008 for St. Johnston.

Ulster Shield Final versus Muckamore, Burndennet, 2008-08-10.

Senior 2 Final Faughan Valley Cup, Beechgrove, 2008-07-20.

Midweek Cup Final, Fox Lodge, 2008-07-24.

Sammy Jeffrey Cup Semi-Final versus Killyclooney, Boathole, 2008-07-26.

Ulster Shield Semi-Final versus Woodvale, Boathole, 2008-07-27, and the fourth cup win in eight days!


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