Wavelet transform

Multiresolution Applications for Image and Data Analysis

A privileged insight into data and information. Applications in medicine, astronomy, surveillance and security, Earth observation, telecommunications, financial engineering, multimedia, plasma physics, and other fields.

Book cover

"Image and Data Analysis:
The Multiscale Approach",
JL Starck, F Murtagh, A Bijaoui,
Cambridge University Press, 1998.

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MR/1 Multiresolution Analysis Software Package
100,000 lines of C++, 5000 lines of IDL
Executables for major Unix and Windows platforms

All about the MR/1 Multiresolution Analysis package

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Examples of Applications

Some Further Pointers

MR/1 and MR/2 can be used on the command line (Unix, Dos), in IDL, or via a Java user interface.

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