Visual Display Balance

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), "View of Delft", 1660-61. The Hague, Mauritshuis.

First image: input. Second image - mulitscale retinex, with mild noise-filtering. Third image - contrast-stretched using a curvelet transform.

Above: first image - input, second image - multiscale retinex transformation, using B3-spline à trous wavelet transform.

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), "Lady writing a Letter with her Maid", 1670. National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. (Acknowledgement: Roy Williams, Caltech,

Larger version. Larger version trasformed using multiscale retinex. Larger version trasformed using curvelet transform.

TCD Engineering Class of '76, 25th Anniversary Dinner, Trinity College Dublin, August 2001.

Multiscale retinex applied. Now you can see individuals down the table to the right! There is a distinct gray tone.

Result of filtering using the curvelet transform. Over-compensated (default parameters used). Cutlery visible, white shirts black..., 2002/2/16.