Graphics Programming for Games 2

These are my notes and other resources for Letterkenny Institute of Technology modules Graphics Programming For Games 1 and Graphics Programming For Games 2.

Current version of the notes (ZIP compressed PDF). Last updated 2009-08-02.

If you are looking for cgogl-2008-02-24.pdf, it is no longer available; there is an improved updated current version of my notes (ZIP compressed PDF). Last updated 2009-08-03.

Using Visual Studio 9 to compile and execute simple command-line programs.

Programs are available via the Graphics 1 web page.

Exercises based on Graphics Notes and on the Graphics Mathematics Notes below (ZIP compressed PDF); updated 2008-01-08.

Notes on Mathematics for 2D and 3D Graphics (PDF).


Web links and resources on OpenGL.

Web links and resources on OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL).

Web links and resources on Simple Direct MediaLayer (SDL).

Past Examinations.

Past Examinations from a similar courses (but less relevant).

Assignments (2009).

There will be three practical assignments and a final examination (January).

Assignments (2007).

Practicals (2007).

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